Open Submission Process

We believe in a fully transparent submission process by which both our members and potential speakers can see how talks are being reviewed, approved, and scheduled.

Submitting your talk at will automatically add it to the "New" list on our public Trello board. We'll include the title and pitch, but don't worry, your email and talk notes are kept private.

Talk Selection

Talks are reviewed weekly by our organizing members. As soon as an organizer begins reviewing a talk, it will move into the "In Review" list.

Here are some talk guidelines, and information about how we review talks.

It's extremely helpful to include a basic outline in your talk description. We're looking at how you'd like to present the topic as much as what the topic is.

We look at new talks as an opportunity to collaborate with speakers on delivering high quality content to our community. In the spirit of this collaboration, we strive to always provide constructive feedback when a talk can use improvement, and we work to get each talk to the podium through an iterative process of refinement with our speakers.


Once the review process is complete and a talk is ready to present, we work with speakers to find a convenient time slot. PyDEN meets on the third Thursday of every month, and we work hard to keep to that schedule.

In the event that a speaker cannot give a talk on the 3rd Thursday due to travel or other immovable constraints, we'll consider an alternate date.

When an available time slot has been identified, the talk will be moved to the "Scheduled" list and assigned a due date. The speaker will also receive a calendar invite by email.

If for some reason you cannot make your scheduled talk date, please contact the organizers and let them know as soon as possible.

Presentation Guidelines / Audio-Video

Things to remember...

Before: - The TV at Cuttlesoft runs at 1080p resolution and only accepts HDMI. Please bring any required adapters with you. - Test out your "presentation mode" if you're going to show code in an editor. Make sure the code is large enough to be read from the back of the room. - Let the organizers know whether or not you feel comfortable having the talk recorded. Recordings are NEVER required.

During: - Smile! - Introduce yourself and give a brief summary of your background and interests. Audiences love to hear how you got where you are! - Speak up! If the venue has a microphone + house speakers, hold the microphone uncomfortably close to your mouth. If you can't hear yourself, the audience can't hear you. - Don't turn around to look at the screen / TV. Either look at your laptop or out at the audience. - Make eye contact with individuals in the audience! - Organizers will cue you when you have 5 minutes remaining

After: - Q&A is NEVER required - During Q&A (if you choose to take questions), make sure to repeat the question before answering it - Send the final slide deck / github repo / any other materials to the organizers to post.

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